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Our Mission

To be the ICT Company of choice by providing quality service and timely solutions through professional delivery of services such as website development, virtual tours, creative graphic services, search engine optimisation, software development, and ICT consultancy, among others.

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Dedicated Team

Our dedicated team is here to help you. We are hard at work. In this fast-growing and fast-changing business.

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Delivery on Time

We deliver high quality, timeless and sustainable services and products to people through our own label 'Delivery on Time' and other labels

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Updated Technology

We provide the most advanced, cutting-edge technology and network infrastructure around Namibia and its surrounding.

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Quality Assurance

Our products and services are of remarkable quality. You can rely on us in every way. Our promise to you is everything that you get from us will be the best.

What We Offer

Website Development

  Website Development In Namibia Whether clean and simple or bold and interactive, every design element, illustration, or digital...

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Digital Maketing

Search Engine Optimisation Would you like to make more sells online? An amazing, eye- catching website that cannot sell...

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Cutting-Edge Technology

Software Development Transformation of a great innovative idea into a profitable product is challenging. Conquest Capital takes care of...

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Do we offer training?

We also provide Strategic Business Training in Sales, Customer Care as well as Direct Sales Concept. To us, motivation is a key component in our sales training, and we firmly ground our training on this principle.

Do we offer Website maintenance?

We deliver timelessly. We offer trial and paid monthly maintenance after developing your websites, Applications and Systems.

Do we offer full one stop Wedding package solutions?

As a one-stop solutions agency in Namibia we offer full wedding packages from design to print and from photography to video editing.

About Us

Inventnam Technologies is a unique Information Technology, Website Design, and Creative Digital Agency company based in Namibia. We provide information communication technology (ICT) solutions, products, and services using ultra-modern technologies.

Latest News

September 28, 2023
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In the digital age, having a well-designed website is crucial for businesses looking to...

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The Power of Mondays: Embracing Technology for Productivity and Growth

In today’s fast-paced digital world, Mondays have emerged as the gateway to a week...

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