Webflow: The Amazing Web Design Tool

We are excited to announce that we are now using Webflow as one of our core web design tools. As in the past, we have been using popular design software such as WordPress, Adobe Photoshop, and Dreamweaver. We have now migrated our front-end design process to Webflow’s cloud-based platform.

At Inventnam Technologies, we love to build websites and are always looking for ways to make them easier. We’ve recently added Webflow to our list of software because it helps us build websites faster and with little effort.

We started using Webflow when we were building a website for a client who wanted a mobile-friendly site that was very easy to navigate, upload self-content, and user-friendly. We knew that the only way we could do this was by using software like Webflow, which allows us to build the entire website in one place instead of having to move back and forth between different programs.

We loved working with Webflow so much that we decided to permanently add it to our software list!