Whether you’re a small business or an enterprise, installing an SSL certificate is an important step in safeguarding your data and keeping your customers secure.

We’re here to help make sure you pick the right one for your business. We’ll take a look at what makes an SSL certificate valuable, and why it’s more important than ever to make sure yours is up-to-date!

What Is an SSL Certificate?

An SSL certificate (Secure Sockets Layer) is like a lock on your website. It helps ensure that the data that passes between your site and visitors stay private and secure.

When you visit a website with an SSL installed, you’ll see a padlock icon in the address bar indicating that the site has been secured by encryption. When you click on this icon, it will display information about the encryption used by this site. This can include the type of encryption used (such as 128-bit), which indicates how long it would take someone to crack their code if they wanted access to your site’s data.


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